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The following article appeared in the magazine in March/April 2009. Additional articles in PDF format are available below.

Enhancing Your Wine List

By now, you know how to build a basic wine list. But which countries should varietal wines come from? As a wine consultant, I’ve seen people buy wine from countries undeserving of a place on the wine list.

Some may buy wine from a country not recognized for that varietal because it costs less. Others simply lack an understanding of which countries are the best choice for particular varietals. It is true that there are bargains to be had from lesser-known countries but often it is not worth experimenting. You may end up with a stale, unacceptable wine on your list that does not sell no matter how hard you try. Click here to read the full article.

The Importance of Presentation

(July/August 2009)

Educating Your Staff
(September/October 2009)

The Management of Wine
(November/December 2009)